November 29, 2022

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Vegan Clothing That Is Actually Affordable


Vegan clothing often comes with the caveat of being quite pricey, this is usually because vegan brands steer away from the unethical practices that allow for extremely cheap clothing.

However, with the steady growth of the plant-based clothing market, more brands are entering the scene and finding incredible ways to produce high-quality apparel for a fraction of the expected cost.

In this article, I have the pleasure of sharing brands like Earthwardrobe which use bamboo to create good quality clothing that is animal-harm free, stylish and affordable.

One last thing, ‘affordable’ is of course relative, so there will be a range of brands with varying price points in hopes that you’ll find at least one that ticks all the boxes! without further ado, let’s dive in.

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1. Rapanui

Rapanui go against the grain and have steered away from mass production, they use automated systems to produce clothes only when they have been ordered, which means materials are not wasted nor the money which would have been used to produce clothes.

With that saved money, Rapanui are able to afford organic materials, renewable energy, sustainable packaging and in turn affordable clothes for you and me.

Their business model is centred around eliminating waste and using that saved money to spend on sustainability.

Lastly, they design all their products with the intention of them coming back to them once worn out. To do this, they have a label scanning system which allows for a ‘free-post recovery process.

Women's BBC Earth Polar Wilderness (£25)

Whale T-shirt (£20)

#notcool Climate Change Sweatshirt (£40)

Women's Organic Cotton Snood (£18)

Shop Rapanui:

What you should know

  • Average price range: £20 – £50
  • Delivery Price: (Varies but around £4.00) Orders over £50 qualify for Free UK Shipping
  • Clothing made for: Men, Women
  • Categories: (tees, hoodies, jackets, underwear, hats, bottles, socks)
  • Materials Used: Organic Cotton
  • Sustainability: Vegan, Certified Organic, Made in a renewable energy powered factory

2. threads4thought

Beginning production in 2006, threads4thought has been at the cutting edge of sustainable fashion way before it was common. Their core values are transparency, sustainability and impact.

And this is reflected in their top priorities:

  • To eliminate single-use poly bags.
  • To become a CO2-positive company.
  • To close the loop and reuse recycled clothing.

Shop threads 4 thought:

Triblend Crew Neck Tee ($28.00)

Triblend Pullover Hoodie ($58)

Invincible Cropped Crew Tee ($38)

Slim Fit Triblend Jogger ($58)

What you should know

  • Average price range: $30 – $80
  • Delivery Price: Orders under $100 ship $7-9 flat rate. (Over $100 is free)
  • Clothing made for: Men, women, kids
  • Categories: (shorts, pants, long sleeves, tees, sweaters, hoodies, sports bras, denim, leggings, bags, hats, shoes)
  • Materials Used: Organic Cotton, Recycled Polyester.
  • Sustainability: Vegan, 100% eco-friendly raw materials, 80% of water recycled, FSC certified paper

3. Kotn

Kotn is standing atop the hill of sustainable fashion having achieved the fourth-highest B Impact Score of apparel brands in North America. A quick trip to their site will reveal their transparency and honesty.

In regards to cost, they manage to balance a modest price range while still providing high-quality, sustainable clothing that carries a stylish minimalist aesthetic.

Kotn is not a completely vegan brand because it uses merino wool in some of its products. However, the majority of their apparel is made using

  • Egyptian Cotton
  • Linen
  • Lyocell ( A renewable fibre derived from wood pulp)

Shop Kotn:

Kotn x KWW Little Flowers Essential Crew (£37))

Men's Essential Sweatpant (£54)

Ribbed Lounge Pant (£52)

Women's Fitted V-Neck Longsleeve (£27)

What you should know

  • Average price range: £30 – £150
  • Delivery Price: $75 free shipping US & Canada (International orders are free on orders over $150.)
  • Clothing made for: Men, women
  • Categories: Knitwear, Sweaters, Jackets, Bottoms, Lounge, T-Shirts & Tanks Tops, Dresses, Underwear, Socks
  • Materials Used: Organic cotton, linen, (Merino wool – unfortunately not vegan)
  • Sustainability: Mostly vegan, non-toxic certified dye, recyclable packaging, local manufacturing

4. Earth Wardrobe

I love this quote by earth wardrobe “If a sustainable solution isn’t affordable, is it even a solution?” And I’m sure you would agree.

They’re PETA-approved vegan and use organic materials that are sustainable and long-lasting.

Earth wardrobe may be the most relevant brand to date when it comes to affordable vegan clothing and this is simply because they refuse to compromise on price as they believe sustainable clothing should be available to everyone.

Shop earth wardrobe:

Knitted Recycled Hoodie (£27)

Organic Cotton T-shirt: Unisex (£8)

Recycled Sherpa Jacket Zipped: Unisex (£60))

What you should know

  • Average price range: £8 – £60
  • Delivery Price: £3.49, Purchases over £40 come with free delivery.
  • Clothing made for: Men, women & kids
  • Categories: (short sleeve, long sleeve, vest, sweatpants, leggings, sweatshirts, jackets, headwear, socks)
  • Materials Used: Organic cotton, Bamboo, recyled polyester, regenerated cotton.
  • Sustainability: Vegan, CO2 Neutral clothes , GOTS Certified, Vegan, Fair Wear facilities

5. Heart cure clothing

Heart cure is a clothing brand made by vegans for vegans. The creators, Jordan and Georgia went vegan in 2016 after witnessing the suffering that animals experience worldwide.

In regards to their apparel, they really raise the bar when it comes to what I like to call ‘vegan and proud clothing’. These are the garms that clearly communicate to everyone that the person wearing this shirt is vegan.

Most of the so-called ‘vegan and proud clothes’ are often quite tacky and cheesy. (With all due respect) But heart cure is different. The designs, materials and fittings are excellent and what’s more, they print their clothes with water-based inks which are far less harmful than the standard inks that contain PVC.

Shop Heart Cure Clothing:

Protect our oceans T-shirt (£25)

respect all life hoodie (£47.95)

What you should know

  • Average price range: £20 – £50
  • Delivery Price: Calculated at checkout based on weight and location.For UK:£3.95 and is free over £50. International shipping: £9.95 free: over £80.
  • Clothing made for: Men, women, kids, babies
  • Categories: (T-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, joggers, shorts)
  • Materials Used: recycled cotton, recycled plastic bottles, organic cotton
  • Sustainability: Vegan, Fair wear, Shipped in recyclable materials

6. Crazy-bean

Crazy bean is an online, 100% vegan, marketplace which sells a range of products and the founder Krissi is committed to fostering a cruelty-free future for all of its consumers as well as for the entire planet.

She aims to do this by developing, distributing, and promoting plant-based product options. In regards to the clothing on their site, There is a nice range of stylish, affordable and 100% vegan clothing items, not much more you could ask for as a vegan consumer.

Shop Crazy Bean Clothing:

Vegan Summer Dress (£35)

Vegan Men’s Diamond Pane Gilet (£43)

Vegan Sweatshirt – ‘HUMANKind’ Unisex (£35)

Vegan Women’s Hooded Firedown Packaway Baffle Jacket (£48)

What you should know

  • Average price range: £14 – £60
  • Delivery Price: United Kingdom £4.25International:£20.00
  • Clothing made for: Men, women
  • Categories: (T-shirts, hoodies, dresses, shoes, hats, jackets)
  • Materials Used: Polyester, cotton
  • Sustainability: Vegan

7. The proud London

The Proud London (TPL) has been around since 2009, offering good quality clothing at a reasonable price.

All of their stock is 100% natural and organic, and they ship with non-plastic, eco-friendly materials.

You’ll find that a large amount of their clothing is made with hemp, which is a versatile, planet-friendly plant with thousands of different uses.

They chose to go with hemp because it is a sustainable low-impact crop that can be converted into fabric sustainably with minimal waste.

Shop The Proud London:

Keep Our Sea Plastic Free | Organic Cotton (£24.99)

Men's Tipped Polo Shirt (£31)

What you should know

  • Average price range: £15 – £50
  • Delivery Price: -Varies based on weight and location-
  • Clothing made for: Men, Women
  • Categories: (T-shirts, pullover, sweatshirts, hoodies, tank tops, tote bags, laptop bags, duffel bags, flip flops, masks)
  • Materials Used: Hemp, organic cotton
  • Sustainability: Vegan, Organic and Eco-friendly materials, chemicals and pesticides free and natural dye.

8. Reverse conscious clothing

Reverse conscious clothing are one of the few brands that had sustainability in mind before they even began production, it’s because of this, they’ve been able to achieve many certifications from the likes of PETA, Fair Wear, The Textile Exchange, GOTS, The Global Recycle Standard and a few others.

This small, family ran, business aims to push the boundaries of sustainable, eco-friendly fashion and they believe transparency is the core value that upholds all of their endeavours.

In regards to their clothing line, you’ll be pleased to find a range of wholesome, heart-warming apparel that will brighten up any room you step into.

Discover reverse conscious clothing’s line here:

unisex hoodie be kind to every kind (£45)

mens short sleeve t-shirt earth day everyday (£25)

What you should know

  • Average price range: £25 – £50
  • Delivery Price: Varies based on weight and location
  • Clothing made for: Men, women
  • Categories: (Hoodies, T-shirts, sweaters, Christmas jumpers)
  • Materials Used: organic cotton, recycled polyester.
  • Sustainability: GOTS certified (global organic textile standard, PETA-vegan approved), Fair wear, Organic materials

Wrap up

Even after listing out these awesome brands, I must say, finding affordable vegan friendly clothing is no easy task. As I alluded to at the start of this blog, this is due to the fact that cheap clothing often comes with expensive repercussions. To the planet and to the overworked, underpaid factory workers.

If even one of these brands piques your interest, do yourself and the planet a favour by supporting them in style! Be sure to drop me a comment below if you think I left a deserving brand of this list, let’s try to help as many people as possible.

For now though, take care and have a beautiful day.

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