Here are some brief answers to a few frequently asked questions:

What Are Some Healthy Vegan Cereal Brands2023-01-06T09:09:44+01:00

1. Whole Earth
2. Deliciously Ella
3. Freee-foods
4. Natures Path Organic
5. Wholefood Earth
6. Crispy Fantasy
7. Misfits
8. Eleat cereal

Read on here to find out where to purchase these brands and what they have on offer.

Where Can I Buy Affordable Vegan Clothes?2023-01-06T09:08:07+01:00

1. Rapanui
2. threads4thought
3. Kotn
4. Earth Wardrobe
5. Heart cure clothing
6. Crazy-bean
7. The proud London
8. Reverse-conscious clothing

This article will guide you through the options.


Is Being Vegan Hard?2023-01-06T09:06:13+01:00

In short, the level of difficulty veganism will pose for you is dependent on the following:

  • Whether or not you have a good reason for switching
  • If you have any supporting family or friends
  • If you are able or willing to learn how to cook vegan-friendly food
  • Whether or not you are able to adapt to never eating animal ingredients again (Learning how to find good vegan alternatives)

If you can confidently say none of these issues would affect you then switching to the vegan diet should be a breeze for you.

Where Can I Buy Vegan Food In The UK2023-01-06T09:02:02+01:00

The best places to buy fresh vegan groceries are Lidl, Aldi, local fruit & veg markets and online delivery systems like Oddbox. They are all relatively well-priced and have a great range of fruits and vegetables.

In regards to vegan processed foods including the likes of tofu, veggie burgers, frozen foods and so on, the best would include Aldi, Tesco & Ocado. These 3 have you covered in terms of range and quality. For more on this, read here.

What Is Vegan Jerky Made Of?2023-01-06T09:02:34+01:00

jerky means “dried, salted meat”. Therefore in the case of vegan jerky, instead of animal meat, anything from grains, shiitake mushrooms, soybeans, seitan, tempeh, or even jackfruit can be used. This is because these ingredients mimic the texture and consistency of meat really well.

What Is In Vegan Chocolate?2023-01-06T08:54:11+01:00

Your average vegan chocolate bar will usually contain sugar, cocoa butter, a dairy-milk alternative like rice or oat syrup and some other flavourings and additives like almonds, lecithins (soya) and hazelnut paste. However there are many more ingredients that can possibly be added.

What Is Vegan Soap2023-01-06T08:52:01+01:00

Vegan soaps are cleansing & sanitary products that do not contain animal ingredients such as lard or tallow and do not rely on animal involvement such as animal testing.

What Is A Whole Foods Plant Based Diet?2023-01-06T09:03:05+01:00

A whole food plant-based diet is a way of eating that eliminates animal products as well as any foods that have been (substantially) processed before consumption. This means on a whole food plant-based diet one is restricted to picking up plant-based foods that closely resemble their naturally occurring form. For live examples and an in-depth break down read here.

What Is In Vegan Ice Cream?2023-01-06T08:49:01+01:00

Vegan Ice cream is a frozen dessert, made by churning and freezing plant based milk, flavourings, and sometimes thickeners. The specific ingredients used in each vegan ice cream varies widely, but a general recipe would include, coconut milk or pea milk, coconut cream, corn flour, caster sugar and vanilla. To unravel all the secrets of vegan ice cream and what ingredients are commonly used read on here.

What Is Plant Based Milk?2023-01-06T08:46:02+01:00

Plant-based milk is a type of beverage developed by humans to mimic the properties of cow’s milk, by crushing and boiling nuts or seeds. Nuts and seeds are the usual candidates for creating milk alternatives because they produce a similar consistency, colour and creaminess to cow milk. For an in-depth breakdown with examples and infographics click here.

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