October 24, 2022

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The Best Eco Friendly Backpacks 2022-2023

Attempting to find quality backpacks that are both reasonable in price and sustainable really isn’t one of the easiest tasks. But luckily, many brands are now taking initiative and filling the gap of sustainable, and ethical apparel. In today’s run down I’ll be listing some of the forward-thinking brands providing the world with eco-friendly backpacks .

Immaculate Vegan

Vegan Large Backpack

Immaculate vegan is leading the dance when it comes to ethical and sustainable apparel and are looking to change the world one sale at a time by altering the way we view and interact with clothing. All the items on their site are 100% vegan and 100% high quality. While scrolling through their catalogue the first thing that catches your attention is the startling attention to detail. Each and every bag is graced with a premium finish reminding the world that style and ethics do not have to be separate.
The creator of Immaculate vegan was just like me and you, struggling to find high-quality eco-friendly fashion that was also vegan, so Annick Ireland combined her passions of marketing and fashion to produce a company dedicated to spreading the word of ethical apparel.


Listen to the founder of Immaculate Vegan’s words on the topic :
“I started Immaculate Vegan because I am passionate about creating a world that’s kind to animals, people and the planet. We know that traditional fashion is killing our planet – because of the kinds of materials used (many of which are also cruel to animals), unsustainable manufacturing processes and of course the sheer volume of items produced and discarded. And it’s been well documented that many workers in the supply chain, including garment workers, aren’t paid a living wage and work under unethical conditions. But there is another way.

Right now there are so many beautiful, stylish and highly quality brands – and new ones are launching all the time – whose businesses are built on ethical labour, sustainable manufacturing, use of sustainable & vegan materials, sustainable packaging and slow, small scale production. Those are the brands we sell and champion at Immaculate Vegan, and together we’re creating a new fashion industry we can be proud of.”

Jared Mulbtex™ Vegan Leather Backpack

Celebes Handwoven Atta Vegan Backpack



Sakai Backpack Black

Combining sustainability and minimalist design, the Sakai backpack is rendered in recycled PET and vegan leather. The backpack is inspired from vintage Japanese bomber jackets and its vibrant orange cotton lining brings ease to locating your essentials.

  • – Unisex
  • – Made using 15 recycled bottles
  • – Water-resistant
  • – Velcro closing flap
  • – Concealed no.3 zipper in front pocket
  • – Woven cotton lining
  • – Nylon seatbelt webbing straps
  • – Hardened silver brass buckles


Kai Green Backpack coming soon

When looking for clean, minimal but sophisticated apparel, it doesn’t get any better than charliefeist, founded in 2015, the Charlie Feist is a vegan brand created in London as an ode to the beloved dog upholding principles of care and consideration to its products. Charlie Feist reclaims and recycles used plastic bottles into backpacks, crossbody bags, duffel bags and wallets! But best of all, their products are extremely affordable, fashionable and of course sustainable!

Their simple and uniform branding style also makes them a huge contender in the growing sustainable fashion niche. So definitely keep an eye out for them as they continue to produce fantastic artisan-like work.

This vegan backpack company is undoubtedly one of the best this year, and I’m sure it will stay that way going forward! You know they value sustainability over profits when they aren’t afraid to tell you that “the most sustainable bag is the one you already own” ⁣they of course say this because buying no bag is better than buying a sustainable one, and that is indeed the case. However, if you are searching for a company that truly cares, then look no further. charliefeist.com

“Rewearing instead of continually refreshing your “look” is an easy and free way to be kind to the planet⁣

⁣Matt & Nat

HOXTON Vegan Backpack - £155.00 GBP

  • Structured flap over a backpack with adjustable straps. Magnetic flap closure and top zipper closure. Fits a 13” laptop.
  • Interior: Zipper pocket, large padded pocket, double pocket for electronic devices, logo-embossed Vintage patch.
  • Dimensions: 11” L x 17.25” H x 6” W.
  • Handle Strap Drop: 2.5”

Whether you’re a student, fashionista or just an enjoyer of good design you know that Matt & Nat are undeniably exceptional at what they do. Recognised widely for their delicate care for the environment as well as their products. The merging of nature and material design is a tough task to stay true to but they’ve proved it works by recycling over 9 million plastic bottles annually in the manufacturing of their bags.

Although creeping towards the pricier side of the backpack market, Matt & Nat’s vegan bag collection is about as extensive as it gets.

MAVI Vegan Backpack - Purity

Almost all of their bags are unisex and come with practicality in mind. Space, organisation, ease of access and adjustability are all top priorities for Matt & Nat and because of this I believe their price points are well within in reason.

But that’s not it! Matt & Nat are also supplying us with sustainable design across multiple styles. If you love their backpacks then you might want to check out their:


Blok Medium - Coated Blue €199

Carrik - Coated Khaki - €149.00

The vast majority of PinqPonq designs have this interesting futuristic/sci-fi-inspired look while still somehow managing to maintain a very minimal and elegant look. If you inspect closely you’ll realise each bag has its own unique finish and flavour, the slight stone-washed look on their Blok Medium blue bag is really quite genius in my opinion, it gives the entire bag another dimension of aesthetic quality to be awed at.

All you really need is a quick scroll through their site to know they are serious about merging sustainability, functionality and beauty. And personally, I’d say those 3 words perfectly describe their work. When it comes to what bags to choose, you really are spoiled for choice with pinqponq, their vegan backpack collection is arguably the most stylish, unique and cutting edge out of all the choices on this list.

TETRIK- Coated Khaki €79.90

Klak - Conscious Khaki- €79.00

Blok Medium - coated olive - €199.00

Just like quite a few of PinqPonq’s bags, this olive green backpack is a convertible luggage type bag, with an array of compartments to make space for all of your travel essentials. Even if travel isn’t your forte, this modern classic is worth picking up as long as you are looking for a clean, sleek backpack that is multi functional, vegan and of course beautiful. Because of its versatility, coming in the form of comfortable straps, handy reflective design elements and even cable compartments, I have to say that this backpack is definitely a top 5 choice if you can afford to pay what I would consider a reasonable asking price.


To wrap up I must say there are many more sustainable eco-friendly backpacks out there, but in my opinion, these ones are standing at the top. There’s no need to be overwhelmed by choice when you can select the best in the market. Stylish, sustainable, ethical & functional. These are leading the game! However, if you think different feel free to let me know!

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