September 3, 2022

– by zedek

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About All Day Plant Based

What Is All Day Plant Based?

Firstly, Thank you for showing an interest in All Day Plant-Based!

I started my vegan journey around October 2020 having been faced with the harsh realities of factory farming. I had no intention of switching to veganism, but I knew right away what I had to do. As things went on I began to learn about many different facets of the plant based lifestyle and how it can affect almost all parts of our lifestyle. With a burning desire to work for myself, I decided to take matter into my own hands and create a website that will share all this information with you.

All Day Plant Based is an initiative dedicated to producing content that engages with topics surrounding veganism, plant based diets, nutrition, health and fitness, the mind body connection as well as many other topics that are related to OUR collective health and wellbeing.

Who is All Day Plant Based for?

All Day Plant Based is for absolutely everyone, because good nutrition and conscious eating shouldn’t be limited to any one group, knowledge is power in all sectors of life and eating is one of the most fundamental sectors we are all involved in so let’s learn and grow together!

When I create a new article piece I go through a process of research that allows me to learn new things and form new perspectives on cooking, nutrition, ethics, fitness etc. And this process of learning has allowed me to see that there are of course multiple ways to tackle healthy eating. And so All Day Plant Based is also here to show you these different perspectives on healthy living as well as the pros and cons of each.

The Plant Based Goal

Ultimately for All Day Plant Based the goal is to shed light on many global problems that aren’t getting enough attention in the public eye. The billions of animals slaughtered yearly, the global health crisis that is sweeping the world as a result of unconscious eating habits and unchecked mass marketing, the environmental impact of our actions, and so on. So I am using the little talents and skills I have to create something that I can provide to the world, and benefit from myself. This is providing you with engaging blogs, understandable but thorough guides and fun plant based recipes!

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